Equal chances for every child: Education must be accessible and inclusive for every child

Eurochild, together with its partners in the ICAM Project, have recently submitted our response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the Pathways to School Success Initiative.

Together with our partners from Italy, Romania, Spain and the UK, we recommend that this new Initiative looks beyond academic results as the benchmark for ‘success’ in EU education systems. In our position paper, we recommend that the Pathways to School Success Initiative:

  • outlines a clear framework for action at school and systems level to ensure well-being and inclusive education are prioritised.
  • targets disadvantaged groups who are more at risk of underachievement and early school leaving, including children with disabilities, with a migrant background or minority ethnic status, from low-educated families, children in alternative care and children living in remote areas.
  • involve the voices of children in its development, implementation and evaluation, especially those who are the most disadvantaged and marginalized by current education systems.

Together, through focusing on inclusivity and accessibility, we can dismantle inequality in education, and build/develop equitable education systems that support all children to reach their full potential.

Read Eurochild’s position paper submitted for this consultation

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