Eurochild Child Guarantee Taskforce Country Report - Spain

Recommendations for the Child Guarantee National Action Plan in Spain

This report is part of 6 country reports which include recommendations for the design and implementation of the Child Guarantee National Action Plans in Bulgaria; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Italy; and Spain.

Main Recommendations by Taskforce Spain:

  • There should be an established structure that ensures collaboration across all the ministries whose work has an impact on children; Government ministries must stop working in ‘silos’ and collaborate to develop an enabling policy framework;
  • The National Action Plan should be developed, implemented, monitored and evaluated with stakeholders, including children;
  • It is essential, given the exceptional situation in Spain, that control mechanisms and accountability processes are created to ensure equity for children in need across the different Autonomous Communities;
  • There are four particularly vulnerable groups of children in Spain whose needs must be included in the National Action Plan: Children at risk of poverty or currently living in poverty - particularly marginalised children such as Roma children, children with disabilities, and migrant children -especially unaccompanied children; children living in institutions; and children under 6 years of age.

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Taskforce Lead: Plataforma de Infancia

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