Eurochild Child Participation Strategy - Children’s Priorities are our Priorities

Updated 2021

This Child Participation Strategy builds on the previous version from 2017. It is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and is supported by Eurochild’s child protection policy.

At Eurochild, we believe that effective, sustainable and relevant decisions can only be made if the people concerned are meaningfully involved in the process. Children are experts in their own lives and it is essential that they participate in decisions that affect them. Participation improves the quality of decision-making and contributes to children’s holistic development. It is the foundation for healthy democracies and responsible citizenship.

With regards to addressing key social challenges such as child poverty, inequality and child protection, it is important that policies are informed by the lived experiences of children and young people.

Eurochild Child Participation Goals:

  • Goal 1 – National and EU governments are supported in establishing child participation mechanisms
  • Goal 2 – Opportunities for child participation at EU and national level to reach a more diverse group of children in terms of background and age
  • Goal 3 – Members and external actors have increased capacity to engage with children in a meaningful way
  • Goal 4 – Children have more opportunity to influence Eurochild’s governance

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