Methodology for Ensuring and Monitoring Child participation in Developing and Evaluating Child Helpline Services – Summary

The methodology aims at integrating the child’s point of view in the development and evaluation of child helpline services in Eastern Europe

The Bulgarian organisation Animus Association has presented its child participation methodology elaborated under a project entitled “Strengthening Children’s Voices in EU Society through Child Helplines”, funded by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Program of the European Union. This project aimed at creating the best possible conditions for children’s voices to be heard at the Eastern European child helplines, while drawing upon the experience with child participation of the British partner.

The methodology aims at integrating the child’s point of view in the development and evaluation of child helpline services in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Specifically, the methodology focuses on a) introducing a unified approach for ensuring and monitoring child participation in developing and evaluating child help services, b) empowering children through participation, c) introducing techniques for measuring the scope, quality and results of child participation, and d) introducing changes to the work of the child helplines involved in the project, as a result of the participation of children.

The summary in English is available here.

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