The Europe Kids Want

Autumn 2019 Survey

Children and young people have a key stake in Europe’s future. Not only because it is their future that is affected by today’s decisions, but also because their involvement in decision-making helps them to understand democratic values and fundamental freedoms which underpin the European project. They are voters of tomorrow and change-makers of today. As European leaders debate the future of Europe, UNICEF and Eurochild launched an online opinion poll (survey), inviting children and young people to share their views on the Europe they want. ‘Europe Kids Want’ gathered children’s and young people’s experience of family-life, school, society and their thoughts on Europe.

Almost 20,000 children and young people from over 48 countries in Europe responded to the Europe Kids Want poll. The findings shared in this final report are based on the responses received within the period of one year (July 2018 – June 2019). It is meant to support decision makers understand children’s views on key issues that affect them.

Key findings: 

• 52 % of children and young people worry about not finding a job

• Two-thirds of children feel positive towards people from other countries

• 6 out of 10 children think that treating different people equally would make school a better place

• Children and young people of all ages are worried about online bullying

• Two-thirds of children are unhappy with the way cities and towns engage with them

• 41% of children think the EU makes their life better. 

Their top three recommendations for the EU are: 

• Help to keep peace in the world

• Protect the environment

• Help to make sure everyone is treated equally

Read the final results report.

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