The European Child Guarantee - Eurochild input to the Roadmap published by the European Commission

Position Paper

Eurochild welcomes the initiative to create a European Child Guarantee.

On 19 August 2020 the European Commission presented a Roadmap1 on the European Child Guarantee, opening up for inputs from the public for a period of seven weeks.

Eurochild, having followed the initiative since its inception at the European Parliament, including as part of the consortium carrying out phase I of the feasibility study on the child guarantee, is pleased the European Commission outlined this important initiative.

The latest statistics indicate that 23.4 % of children were at risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2018. The economic recession following the pandemic will dramatically increase poverty levels, including child poverty levels across Europe. The value and urgency of the initiative is therefore very apparent.

Notwithstanding the important progress, Eurochild encourages the European Commission to:

1. Capitalise on the high level political commitment from the EU to call for long-term structural reforms for better outcomes for children in EU Member States
2. Put in place a robust monitoring system
3. Ensure that EU funds are mobilised to prevent and tackle child poverty
4. Promote the engagement of civil society

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The European Child Guarantee- Eurochild Position Paper

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