Valuing children's potential : How children’s participation contributes fighting poverty and social exclusion

This book demonstrates how children and young people can participate and get involved in decisions affecting their lives. Moreover, it also explores how they can contribute to the fight against child poverty and social exclusion.

It is structured around four different sections, with a general introduction by Nigel Thomas, Professor of Childhood and Youth Research at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. Each section describes one or two case studies, which have been chosen as models of good practice regarding involving children and young people. They illustrate different models of good practice, including national and regional children’s parliaments; local level projects working with disadvantaged children; participation projects organised by service providers for children and the involvement of different age groups.

Each of the four sections has a different focus in relation to children’s participation. The first section explores children’s participation and their own understandings of poverty; the second section looks at children’s participation and their ability to influence the improvement of services for children and young people; the third section focuses on children’s views on policies affecting children experiencing poverty or social exclusion; and the last section looks at children’s participation and peer support.

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