Estonia - Country Profile on the European Semester and COVID-19 crisis

The Estonian government reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic in a positive way, especially considering that it supported families as a whole first and foremost. Nonetheless, there was a need to better support…

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  • Estonian Union for Child Welfare

    National Partner Network

    Estonian Union for Child Welfare is a non-profit umbrella organisation that contributes to ensuring children’s rights and shaping a child-friendly society. Founded in 1988, the Union participates actively in a variety of national and international networks. Estonian Union for Child Welfare follows the four core principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in its activities: non-discrimination, adherence to the best interest of the child, the right to life survival and development and the right of the child to be heard.


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27 January 2023

Estonia - Country Profile 2022 on children in need

Eurochild recently published a new report, (In)visible children, on the situation of children in need across Europe. Read feedback from our members from Estonia on the European Semester, on EU…
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18 July 2022

Estonia's Child Guarantee National Action Plan - An overview

2021 was a turning point in the fight against child poverty, with the launch of two landmark initiatives, the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child and the European Child…
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22 December 2021

DataCare Country Overview - Estonia

In the context of the DataCare project, key data on children in alternative care for each country in EU and the UK have been analysed to map how EU Member…
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