European Presidency Child Guarantee Coordinators Meeting Side Event


The Spanish Presidency organises a meeting of EU National Child Guarantee Coordinators in Valencia on 3 November. Plataforma de Infancia and Eurochild are organising a parallel event to the Meeting of Directors and Coordinators of the European Child Guarantee.

In 2019, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen unveiled the European Child Guarantee to ensure that all at-risk children in Europe access fundamental rights like healthcare and education. By June 14, 2021, the Council adopted it. The Guarantee aims to provide key services like free early childhood education, education with meals, healthcare, nutrition, and housing to children in need, fostering equal opportunities. Member States have appointed coordinators and are crafting plans until 2030.

The meeting aims to promote the European Child Guarantee initiative and reinforce European commitments and public policies for vulnerable children, including those under protection systems or who have experienced violence or neglect, while maintaining continuity with previous presidencies and Spain’s commitment to impoverished children.

Eurochild members participating:

  • Netzwerk Kinderrechte (National Coalition for Child Rights)
  • Kinderrechtencoalitie Vlaanderen
  • National Network for Children
  • Alliance for the Rights of the Child
  • Coordination of Associations for Children
  • Joint Council for Child Issues in Denmark
  • Estonian Union for Child Welfare
  • Central Union for Child Welfare
  • National Coalition Germany / KRF (Kids Rights Forum)
  • The Smile of a Child
  • Children’s Rights Alliance
  • Latvian Child Welfare Network
  • Polish Foster Care Coalition
  • Federation for Nongouvernamental Organisation For Children
  • Network of Organizations for Children of Serbia MODS
  • Dutch NGO Coalition on Children's Rights
  • Children in Wales
  • Children's Rights Alliance for England

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