National Eurochild Forum

National Eurochild Forums (NEFs) are groups of children from diverse backgrounds responsible for collecting and investigating the views of children across their country. NEFs offer a platform for children to discuss issues of concern in their country and to bring this to the attention of European and national policy makers.

Each NEF involves between 15-25 children aged 10-18. By participating in a NEF, children have the opportunity to debate issues that concern them, to learn more about children’s rights and advocacy.

NEFs are coordinated by a national Eurochild member and supported by the Secretariat and the ECC.

The current NEFs are as follows:

  • Estonian Union for Child Welfare (Estonia)
  • Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing Society (Malta)
  • Society “Our Children” Croatia (Croatia)
  • National Network for Children (Bulgaria)

Eurochild hope to continue supporting the establishment of new NEFs in countries across Europe. Through this work, we aim to ensure that more and more children’s voices are represented throughout our work.