Adoptees voice matter

On 29-30 September Eurochild Greek member Roots Research Center organised an event on adoption law reform, identity, right to citizenship and international practices.

This third edition of the conference which focused on adult adoptees and was supported by Eurochild and the University of West Attika, was attended by academics, lawyers, representatives of the Greek Ministry of Internal Affairs and of the Greek Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family. More than 100 people participated.

Eurochild Management Board members Ninetta Kazantzis and Adrian Oros also participated and shared the successful story of a search and reunion case from Romania.

The issues discussed during the conference were:

  • Adoption as a fundamental right
  • Adoption support laws and policies related to roots searches
  • Legal representation of adoptees in parental conflict cases
  • The impact of non cooperation between the public sector and national archives
  • Handling misinformation and science denial about roots search
  • Family mediation and other post-separation interventions
  • Advocacy efforts related to citizenship
  • Development and implementation of training programs for legal and family professionals

Several Greek children who have been adopted in other countries aim to regain their Greek citizenship when adults. Between 1950-1970 more than 4000 children were born in Greece and adopted by families in the US and 700 by Scandinavian families and 600 iby Dutch families. The Greek government committed to look into this and find a solution.

Conference participants also asked for equal adoption opportunities and rights for the LGBTQIA+ community in Europe.

Conference video-recording available here soon.

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