Call for artists to collaborate on a book of quotes by children of Ukraine

Eurochild Ukrainian member Voices of Children Foundation is looking for artists to illustrate a book featuring 100 children's quotes showing how their lives have been impacted by the war

Artists from all over the world (illustrators, graphic designers, painters, photographers etc.) are invited to donate artworks that will be used to illustrate children's quotes. Contributors will be credited and will receive a signed hard copy of the book.

All funds from the sale of the book will go to psychological assistance programmes.

The book is planned to be printed and distributed in the first quarter of 2023 for the EU, UK and USA markets. It will be available for purchase on Voices' website and in several physical stores. More info coming soon.

Artists can express their interest in participating in the project, by contacting by 15 January 2023.
The final deadline to submit the illustrations is February 2023.

Read the PDF for further information and to see a preview of the book.

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