Children’s voices are key for a vision of children as equal collaborators in policies concerning them

As part of the European Child Guarantee, member states are asked to publish National Action Plans, in which they outline the key measures and actions they are intending to work on, in order to support children in vulnerable situations to escape from child poverty. Malta has published their National Action Plan in June 2022. Members of the Malta Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society Malta Children’s Association Network (Malta CAN) and Children’s Rights Observatory Malta (CROM) have drafted a consolidated feedback on the goals and plans of the National Action Plan.

While the work was generally appreciated, the organisations highlighted in particular the absence of children’s voices in the Action Plan. Moreover, they criticised that the document is more a showcase of current initiatives rather than proposing new concrete measures to improve the situation of children in Malta.

Unfortunately, several vulnerable groups of children were also not given due attention which would have been crucial, since these groups are most dependent on support by the state. Malta CAN and CROM thus call for a more comprehensive and directed approach on tackling child poverty in Malta.

The document focuses on:

  • Children in precarious family circumstances
  • Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)
  • Healthcare
  • Housing and Environment

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