Hungary - Country Profile on the European Semester and COVID-19 crisis

There was no clear guidance from the authorities. As a result, the Hintalovon Foundation and the Family, Child, Youth Association struggled to provide advice on the parent’s visits and other…

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  • Terre des Hommes - Fondation Lausanne in Hungary

    National Partner Network

    Terre des hommes is the leading Swiss child relief agency which goal is to steadily improve the conditions of the most vulnerable children worldwide. They are focused on five main objectives: Improving the health of infants up to the age of 3 and of children in need of specialised medical care, protecting migrant children, preventing child exploitation, promoting restorative justice for children in trouble with the law and providing humanitarian aid to children and their families in times of emergency and crisis. The Foundation has operational programs in Albania Kosovo Moldova and Romania with a recent emergency program in Ukraine.


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  • Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation

    National organisation - advocacy/campaign

    Hintalovon Foundation is a child rights NGO, aiming to promote and facilitate in practice the rights and well-being of children in Hungary. They operate a website and a mobile application for children between 10 and 18 on their self-image, relationships and sexuality, supported by a chat service, as well as a website for adults. The Pro Bono Child Rights Centre provides legal assistance and if necessary, representation to children and families in crisis. The Foundation’s trainings, research, case studies and other publications on children’s rights aim primarily at sensitizing professionals in child care, child protection and in the justice system. The lobby activity and awareness-raising campaigns contribute to the shaping of attitudes toward children in Hungary, in which child participation is both a means and an end. Hintalovon also publishes annual Child Rights Reports mirroring all reported changes in the legal child protection or other systems affecting children’s lives in Hungary.


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  • Family, Child, Youth Association

    National organisation - service provider

    Family, Child, Youth Association was established in 1993 with the objective of supporting the protection of children and strengthening families and family ties by fortifying, training and providing services to those involved and to the professionals working with them. Their main tasks include the adaptation of child and family protection programs already successfully employed abroad, the involvement in international research and training programs, the organisation of national and international conferences, the distribution of information and raising awareness.


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  • European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation Youth

    International organisation

    Founded in 2003, ENGSO Youth is a European youth sport organisation promoting the involvement of children and young people in all aspects of sport, including participation governance and decision-making. ENGSO Youth represents at European level the interests of people under the age of 35 volunteering, participating or working in sport.


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  • Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights - Hungary

    Public/statutory body

    The Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights is the legal successor of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Civil Rights, who ensures the effective, coherent and most comprehensive protection of fundamental rights and in order to implement the Fundamental Law of Hungary.


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  • Nestingplay

    National organisation - service provider

    NestingPlay is a social enterprise with the mission to improve the learning outcomes and social inclusion of early-age children (3-8 years) with atypical development. They work on early childhood education with the power of play (Learning through Play) to improve children’s social, emotional, creative, and cognitive skill development. Nestingplay’s methodology builds on the traditions of the Hungarian special education (A. Peto and A. Deveny) as well as the sensory-based development (M. Montessori and J. Ayres) methods. They provide education support activities to teachers in different educational institutions, parents, and municipalities, following a child’s development from 3 to 8 years. All these services are available for economically disadvantaged (and often segregated communities) and mainstream communities. The founder and CEO of Nestingplay is Eszter Harsányi. 

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29 July 2021

Early Childhood Development in Hungary - Country Profile

Hungary has made some progress over the past years to create early childhood development (ECD) policies and support families with young children. For example, the number of places in the…
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New Hungarian legislation not only fails to protect children, it puts them at greater risk of harm

Eurochild is deeply concerned by the adoption of amendments to various laws by the Hungarian Parliament that contravene the rights of the child and stigmatise LGBTQI+ persons. We join the…

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