Czechia - Country Profile on the European Semester and COVID-19 crisis

Home schooling is an important problem to address because online lessons and homework were not accessible to all the children. It proved to be especially difficult for families already experiencing poverty and…

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  • Alliance for the Rights of the Child - Czechia

    National organisation - advocacy/campaign

    Alliance for the Rights of the Child non-officially has been operating since 1998 as the national coalition for the rights of the child in Czechia. The Alliance was finally registered legally in 2018. The main task of ADP is to advocate for the rights of the child and to monitor the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Czechia. The organization aims to be as participatory as possible and invites children to take part in alternative reporting.

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  • Vterina poté (Second After)

    Child- and Youth-led organisation

    Second After consists of current and former residents of institutional and foster care. Their main goal is to promote the rights and interests of children outside of a family.



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  • Velky vuz Sever

    National organisation - service provider

    Velky vuz Sever is an organisation focusing on the enhancement of social workers, teachers and foster carers’ skills in assisting children and their families by means of interactive training based on model situations followed by feedback, case studies and methods of experiential learning. Besides delivering training, it publishes tools and methodological handbooks for social workers.


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  • In the Interest of the Child - the Civic Association

    National organisation - advocacy/campaign

    In the Interest of the Child – the Civic Association wishes to contribute to better quality care for children growing up outside their own family by providing both theoretical and practical information about the care of children growing up outside their own family. The Association gathers news, researches, practical experience, statistics, legislative adjustments  standards of care, methodology and other information about this issue.


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Tragic Care Home Incident Highlights Need for Community Based Care

The European Expert Group on the Transition from Institutional to Community-based Care, of which Eurochild is a member of, have released a statement on the tragic incident in Czechia which…

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