• Coordination of Associations for Children

    National Partner Network

    Coordination of Associations for Children is a non-profit organisation that advocates for children’s rights and promotes the interests and welfare of children guided by the principles of tolerance, understanding and respect for children’s rights and needs. The fundamental objective of CAC is to create a society in which all children’s rights will be effectively protected in accordance with the Convention of the Rights of the Child and the best quality of life for all children, especially those who are socially marginalised.

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  • Union of Societies "Our Children" Croatia

    National organisation - networking/membership organisation

    Union of Societies “Our children” is fighting for better position of child in society and protection of children’s rights, according to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, as well as national and other international instruments for children. Its mission is carried out in cooperation with other Our children societies and related associations by designing and organizing actions and activities with and for children in their free time. The Union provides support to children’s participation in the local community and encourages local communities and institutions in the protection and care of children under the principle of the best interests of the child.


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  • Society "Our Children" Opatija

    National organisation - service provider

    “The Association “Our Children” Opatija is a non governmental not-for-profit voluntary organisation, which promotes the realisation of children’s rights in society, encourages and maintains interest in freely chosen activities of preschool and school-aged children in their free time and helps in shaping the democratic and humanistic behavior of children.


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  • Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences - University of Zagreb

    Academic and research institution

    Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences at University of Zagreb is the only higher education institution in Croatia that creates and offers university-level programmes in speech-language pathology, educational rehabilitation and social pedagogy in addition to developing and advancing high-quality research as well as clinical best practices in these areas. Its mission is education based on scientific knowledge in these areas with the aim of including vulnerable groups into the community, by influencing individuals and social environments as well as influencing policy making and social benefits, in compliance with the principles of professional ethics and responsibility.


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  • FICE Croatia

    National organisation - networking/membership organisation

    FICE Croatia aims to protect human and children’s rights and improve living conditions of children and youth in Croatia. Their work based on the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Child. The organisation legally registered in 2016. FICE Croatia promotes the active participation of care leavers in the society and advocating for the best interest of the child insuring that no more children stay in institutions. The organization works together with different care leavers network in the EU and organizing training for professionals in Croatia. They focus on the active participation of child and youth in their activities. The President of the organization is Ljiljana Ban.


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  • Ivana Boric


    Ivana Jedud Boric is social pedagogue and assistant professor in the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences in the University of Zagreb. Ivana is actively involved in various programmes and interventions for children and youth such as mentoring programmes           education on child’s rights and social skills training. Ivana currently focuses on child participation through research, education, consultation and advocacy.

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  • Ombudsman for Children - Croatia

    Public/statutory body

    The aims of the Ombudsman for Children Croatia are the protection, monitoring and promotion of the rights and interests of children on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia & international treaties and laws. It also aims at informing and advising children on the realization and protection of their rights and interests, visiting children children placed in institutions or in alternative care and taking part in legislative drafting process concerning with the rights of children.


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